FNAA 2014: Spy Scoops

Stuart Says
Stuart Weitzman is a traveling man, but for the holidays he’s excited to stay at home. “I’ll be with my kids and wife, we’ll go skiing a few times and stay home in Connecticut,” he told Spy. Weitzman also keeps a reading list and his most recent conquest started years ago. “I finished ‘The Tipping Point,’ that book can be written every 10 years with new stories about other companies,” he said. “I enjoyed it very much.”



Star Gazed
There’s no shortage of Sarah Jessica Parker fans. Among them is Melissa Costa, head of brand marketing and storytelling for Zappos Couture. “When she launched SJP [on Zappos Couture], I was elated,” said Costa. “I’ve wanted to meet her, and she’s even lovelier than I imagined and so genuine.” According to Costa, the actress personally showed the shoes to the Zappos team. “She was like a girl showing them to her friend,” she said. Now, to further support the launch, Parker’s working on an exclusive video about the collection, set to debut on the site later this month. However Costa said the format is under wraps. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays
Brooke Burke also has a “staycation” on the mind. “No vacation for us [in December], we’re going to stay home in Malibu, which I’m really looking forward to for a change,” she said. But one holiday movie does come to mind: “Annie.” “I’m really looking forward to it!”

Family Affair
Michael Greenberg is having a jet set December. After arriving in NYC from California, the exec is heading to India, then Dubai and ending the month in Hong Kong with a big birthday/New Years celebration. “I’m celebrating the New Years in Hong Kong. December 31 just happens to be my daughter McKenna’s birthday—she’s a millennium baby born in 2000. We’re going to celebrate her beautiful birthday and New Years at the same time.” Meanwhile, Sportie LA’s Isack Fadlon is ready for some family time too, in fact, he’s teaching his three-year-old daughter, Talia, a lesson in giving back. On Dec. 18, he’s turning the store’s pop-up shop over to Le Petit Gan de Sophie, the French and Israeli pre-school his daughter attends in Los Angeles, for a night of fundraising.  “The casino night will be used [to raise money] for the school’s library and scholarship [fund],” said Fadlon, about the upcoming Las Vegas-inspired event.  

Film Fest
Indie’s the way to go, for both show writing and shoe marketing, declared Justo Diaz at the FNAAs. “I’m all over indies,” said the creative and marketing writer for Sportie LA, who cowrote the script for “Erasing Eden,” an independent film set to release in 2015. But it wasn’t just a personal endeavor. “Most indie films, when you come to them with shoes, assume you’re an advertiser, then they choose whether they want to work with you, then you provide specific styles,” Diaz said. “But Isack Fadlon, [co-founder of Sportie LA], said, why not bring all our shoes to them first and let them choose what they want to do. So that’s what I did.” The film is directed by Beth Dewey and stars Breeda Wool and Ben Rovner.

Food Fest

If David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock USA, can’t be found at the company’s booth at the New York Hilton during FFANY, he’s likely on line at The Halal Guys food truck on Sixth Avenue and 53rd Street. The Middle Eastern style cuisine is Kahan’s hands-down favorite in New York. “I do the $6 combo plate with white sauce on the side,” said Kahan, who never misses a chance to pick up lunch. “It’s the best food over any restaurant in the city.”

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