FN Spy the Magazine: Secrets of The Commodores

The Commodores will takethe stage for FN Platform’s opening night party.  Here, bandmate J.D. Nicholas talks footwear favorites and onstage antics.

Performance footwear: “Always anything stylish and comfortable, usually patent leather Ferragamo or Saint Laurent.”

Behind-the-scenes moments: “A lot of times the audience doesn’t know when we mess up, like when one of us does a dance routine, leaps into the air and comes down on the other guy’s toe. To the audience it may look like he’s really into the show, but he’s really cringing from the pain.”

Favorite cities to visit: “We particularly enjoy New York because after our performances, we can get out into the streets the next day. It’s such an electric city. We also love working in Tokyo and [other parts of] Japan.”

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