FN Spy the Magazine: Britney’s Back

Marco Morante, the costume designer behind Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, talks about the songstress’s hit shoes on stage.

How extensive are the costume changes during the show?
MM: “There are 20 songs and seven acts, so Britney changes costumes and shoes seven times. In the end, we made 35 pieces for her, and for the 14 dancers we made more than 250 pieces.”

What is your favorite thing about Britney’s Vegas style?
“Stylewise, it’s a nice meld between paying homage to iconic moments in her career and modern-day Vegas glitz and glam. During ‘Everytime,’ she’s dressed like an angel in a 14-foot dress and floating through the crowd.” 

Let’s talk about the footwear. What shoes stand out on stage?
“Many of them are customized by me. For the final number in the last act, she wears a customized pair of Balenciaga boots, and she has some [personalized] wedge sneakers by Nike and Isabel Marant for ‘Perfume,’ ‘Boys’ and ‘Me Against the Music.’ And she wears heels and wedges made from scratch.”

Which shoes are you proudest of making for the show?
“The shoes she wears when singing ‘Circus.’ They’re a bronze-metallic leather ankle boot, and from the back of the heel to the front of the shoe, there are black-and-white Swarovski crystal stripes.”

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