FN SPY Magazine: Hopelessly Devoted

1. How did you decide on the songs and the look of the show?

“The biggest challenge was which songs to NOT sing. It was tough to decide which songs to cut and not disappoint the fans. For the set, I knew I wanted something very simple: just a white set with beautiful lighting. It’s not over-the-top Vegas, but more ‘me.’ The show is really about my life through my music.”

2. And what about the costumes?

“All of my outfits in the show are by Brian Rennie for Basler. They really match the show and my style. As for my shoes, I love them because they are stylish, but more importantly, comfortable. Comfort always wins in my book.”

3. What’s the best part of playing in Vegas?

“The audiences have been so fantastic, and I love the energy of Las Vegas. But what I really love about it is being in one place where I can actually unpack my clothes. I love touring, but you live out of your suitcase. And what’s even more special about my show is they are donating a portion of every ticket sold to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre in Australia.”

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