FN Spy: Corri McFadden’s Happy Feet

How many pairs of baby shoes can you fit into a nursery? “Around 40,” said Corri McFadden, who is expecting her first child next month, “though I definitely had to rein it in.” The stylist and entrepreneur behind luxury consignment business EDrop-Off turned to social media to track down the right brands before baby Zelda’s arrival. “I’d spend hours cruising Instagram and Etsy,” she said. Among her discoveries were Akid, Pom d’Api, Petit Pas and, on Etsy, Aja Lor and Vibys. And Baby Zelda won’t just have fashionable feet but a fashionable name, too. “She’s named for Zelda Kaplan, an eccentric New York socialite who radiated amazing energy,” said McFadden. “She died in the front row of Fashion Week at 95 years old, with a glass of champagne in her hand. She is our kind of girl.”

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