Fans React To Foot Locker

Partners praise Foot Locker’s winning formula.

Rob DeMartini
President, CEO; New Balance

“At New Balance, we continue to see Foot Locker as the industry expert on athletic and performance footwear trends across the U.S., and it’s now growing more impactful across the world. In the last five years under Ken Hicks’ leadership, the Foot Locker culture has become more proactive, collaborative and inclusive. They are a trusted partner who puts their consumers first and works hard with us to bring better product to market.”

Kevin Plank
Founder, CEO; Under Armour Inc.

“Foot Locker is one of the world’s most powerful brands because they are not afraid to dictate tomorrow’s trends or take risks. They are constantly evolving and bringing fresh ideas to the industry. It’s more than just a store that’s trying to sell you a shoe or a shirt. Their ability to inspire and elevate the customer experience is special, and we’re grateful to be part of that. To be an effective leader, you need a clearly defined vision. Ken Hicks, Dick Johnson and their leadership team have a clear vision and the restless spirit to implement that vision. You can see that come to life along with their brand values in every aspect of their culture. We experience it as partners, but we also feel it every time we walk into one of their stores as customers. The team at Foot Locker is humble, hungry and passionate about athletics. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Barney Waters
Chief marketing officer; K-Swiss Inc.

“[The team at] Foot Locker has done a tremendous job reestablishing its brand as a premier mall destination while focusing on a younger audience interested in athletic fashion footwear. Foot Locker’s management has a clear vision of their consumer and understands how to drive trends and initiatives utilizing core athletic brands with historical value as the common denominator.”

Jay Piccola
President; Puma North America

“[They are] the most important and influential sneaker destination in the mall. What makes them unique is their laser focus on the consumer and their commitment to an elevated retail experience and premium product offering. The [company’s] leadership team has pushed Puma to another level. Our teams work well together at delivering the most innovative product and shopping experience to the consumer. Last year while planning the Puma Lab retail [concept], our goal was to transform the business and culture to the best and coolest place to buy the latest gear. Together, we tackled that.”

Bob Puccini
President, Mizuno USA; chairman, Mizuno Canada Ltd.

“Foot Locker has a diverse retail format that caters to various consumer sets based on local market need. The brand has remained relevant and connected with the youth culture by capturing trends and leading the market in both fashion and performance. The management team, led by Ken Hicks and Dick Johnson, has done a great job of creating a focused direction for the brand and defining consumers by division. Their passion for the business and athletics is evident through their innovative approaches and the brand’s ability to remain on top. Foot Locker has been a tremendous partner over the years and has always represented the Mizuno brand at the highest level to the consumer.”

Andrew Rudolph
Sales director, mall channel; Adidas Group

“Foot Locker is the leading destination in the mall for the hottest sneakers and the go-to destination for high school kids who want the latest gear for fashion and function. The Foot Locker team is dynamic, visionary and passionate about sports. I congratulate them on 40 successful years.”

David Allen
VP, GM; Converse North America

“Over the past 10 years, Foot Locker has focused on [pinpointing] who their consumers are. Because of this [consumer-centric] approach, they have been able to precisely develop a specific look and feel for each of their banner stores. By laser-focusing on their consumers and being passionate about winning at retail, Foot Locker has remained the leader in athletic retail with tremendous growth and profitability. The Foot Locker team, under the leadership of Ken, Dick and the division presidents, is a great partner to Converse. In the good and the not-so-good times, whether business is great or struggling, there is always mutual trust and respect. We count [Foot Locker] as a tremendous and valuable ally.”

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