Diaz Dishes on Showbiz & Shoe Biz

Cameron Diaz sat down with Footwear News recently to talk about her new role as artistic director of PLV Studio and her work on the firm’s Pour La Victoire footwear line.
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But she also weighed in on a few personal topics, including her first pair of heels.

Her earliest shoe memory:
“I bought my first pair of heels for 50 cents at a yard sale. I was going around with my grandma when I was 11 years old, and I bought this little pair of inch-and-a-half heels. It was the 1980s mind you — they were pointy toe and had a cuff that came down. I was obsessed with them and I wore them to school one day. I got sent home because I was wearing heels and I had eyeliner on.”

Movie magic:
“What’s funny is that for a movie called ‘In Her Shoes,’ they didn’t have a budget for the shoes that I was going to be coveting. I came to work with a duffel bag full of shoes so we could dress the closet. Almost all of those shoes shown were [ones] I brought from my closet.”

Being an angel:
“For both ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movies, we wore heels, ran in heels, did kung fu in heels. We weren’t pretending. Heel function is a very important thing for me.”

The biggest surprise about shoe biz:
“It’s a tremendous amount of work. Of course, I knew it would be a lot of work because everything we do at this level requires attention to detail — in getting product taken from beginning to end.”

Her greatest strengths:
“I understand branding. I understand marketing. I understand how to speak to people and get them to understand what something is. It’s fun to be able to do that with a design. When I wear something, I always want people to know that it represents me. I might be wearing a designer, but the look I’m showing represents who I am at that moment.”

Cameron Diaz the brand:
“There’s no brand plan. There’s never been a plan in my life. I’m a very present person. The only thing I do when I think about the future is to recognize that the choices I make at this moment [will define] my future. But I’m not thinking about the future. I’m only making the choice that makes sense to me in this moment.”

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