Giuseppe Zanotti’s 6-Step Guide to Unleashing Creativity

Here, the designer lets FN into the inner workings of a creative mind.

1. Embrace your nature: “Be passionate, cool and strong.”

2. Watch the clock: “You need to run, but not too fast or without information. You have to wait for the best results.”

3. Get schooled: “Studying is never a waste of time. It’s better to have three or four years of experience before you launch.”

4. Mind the past: “In order to do something super-new, you must know what has been done before.”

5. Seek out support: “When we do this work, sometimes we have doubts. It’s important to have people who can help.”

6. Find a calming ritual: “When I am very busy and frustrated, a nice glass of red wine at the end of the day helps.”

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