Lisa Simpson’s Yeardley Smith Shares Her Fondest Show Memories

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the first full-length episode of the animated hit series “The Simpsons.” While fans of the show may have aged over the years, its characters have remained as youthful as the day they debuted, especially Lisa Simpson, who has kept her childlike charm intact. To mark the occasion, FN reached out to Yeardley Smith, the voice behind Lisa Simpson and founder of the Marchez Vous footwear line, to share her top 5 show memories. The countdown starts now.

1. “The day I got the job as Lisa Simpson when ‘The Simpsons’ was still on the Tracey Ullman Show, and I started to craft one of my favorite characters of all time with no idea that she would end up inspiring misfits everywhere.”

2. “The day U2 came to record with us and one of the band members mooned our music director because he told him he was singing off-key.”

3. “In 1992, when I won one of the first-ever voice-over Emmys to be awarded. Before that year, ‘voice-over’ wasn’t even an eligible category.”

4. “The fact that wherever I go in the world, complete strangers welcome me with open arms because they love Lisa Simpson.”

5. “The money. Because it’s given me incredible freedom of choice — the greatest gift of all.”

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