Sound Off: Dream Dinner Date

It’s the ultimate party question: If you could invite one person, dead or alive, to your holiday dinner, who would it be? Here, industry influencers dish on their wish-worthy guest list.

Diane Sullivan, Brown Shoe Co.: “Abraham Lincoln, just because I think the obstacles he overcame in his life, then what he was made to do to transform our country. That commitment to being the best he could be. It was a pivot point for our country.”

Stan Smith: Mahatma Gandhi. “Most gracious person that ever lived, to do what he did to help South Africa.”

Joe Zee: Anthony Bourdain. “I want to hear all about his travels and food, and I feel like I could sit and listen to him all night even if we don’t eat.”

Stuart Weitzman: Bill Clinton. “That guy knows so much. He has so much to say. I’ve never noticed him being shy about what he wants to talk about.”

Bill Clinton's Dinner Date
Bill Clinton

Melissa Costa, Zappos Couture: “I would absolutely take the great Maya Angelou. I love her teachings and beautiful positivity that she brought into the world.”

Nicole Richie: “If it was a holiday dinner, then I would choose somebody from ‘Home Alone,’ so I could get right back into the spirit. It’s kind of a staple, definitely a must.”

Carol Lim, Opening Ceremony: Oprah Winfrey. “She’s such an inspiration, I just feel like she’d have a lot of really good stories.”





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