Knight Of Cups: Christian Bale Rocks Stylish Kicks In Frenetic New Trailer

Don’t worry if you finish watching the new Terrence Malick trailer “Knight of Cups” and have no idea what the movie is about. We didn’t either.

But as confused as we are, we’re also completely captivated: partly by the moodiness of the trailer and partly by the intriguing costumes and characters.

The film has been in the works for several years now and with a star-studded lineup including Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, there are high hopes.

Though the flick won’t debut until February at the Berlin International Film Festival, it looks dark and frenetic. Christian Bale stars in what looks like a story about fame, finding your identity and love. The Malick twist though is the pure excess exhibited by darn near everyone — women leading men on leashes, fancy clubs, expensive everything, pretty girls and boys in limos and lots of partying.

With such a range of faces and characters, we are also hoping for some fun film footwear, or maybe lack thereof. It’s pretty noticeable in the party sequences most people are running around barefoot. Bale and Portman also spend a portion of the two-minute trailer frolicking on a beach.

Bale’s character looks like he sticks to the classic black suit, and Blanchett is as appealing as always in clean simple silhouettes of black dresses and such. Clothes usually aren’t the focus of Malick’s films, but they’ll certainly help play a role building the characters and lasting memorable on-screne moments.

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