Exclusive: “Pitch Perfect” Footwear

Footwear is hitting a high note.

In anticipation of the buzzed-about 2015 release of “Pitch Perfect 2,” the film’s costume designer, Salvador Perez, is talking standout shoe moments.

“With a women director [Elizabeth Banks], there’s a lot of focus on shoes in this movie,” he said.

Perez gives Spy an exclusive look inside.

How did you update the footwear for the sequel?

SP: In the first movie, they all wore those stupid black pumps, which the girls hated. In this [film], each outfit has a story behind it. In the opening number, they wear black-and-white Oxfords, but I added Swarovski crystals. The girls were gaga over them.

Was dancing a factor for the shoe choices?

SP: I always think women are better in a heel, but for the dance performances, we put them in a wedge sneaker. We have Nike, and the finale is Adidas. And of course I added rhinestones, because crystals make everything better.

Did you have a favorite actress to work with?

SP: I really love Anna Kendrick’s everyday rock ‘n’ roll style. She’s always wearing ankle boots, a lot of Frye. She might wear the most basic t-shirt, but the shoes are always great.

What was it like working with Elizabeth Banks?

SP: Her character is this overdone woman. Most actors sit in slippers until the last minute. What I love about Elizabeth Banks is that even when directing, she wore heels. It shows what a true diva she is: She understands that you carry yourself differently [in high heels].


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