Shoe Diary: Tamara Mellon

For every milestone in Tamara Mellon’s life, there was a showstopping pair of shoes to go with it. Here, the namesake designer shares a few of her perfect pairings with Spy.

First date with boyfriend, Mike Ovitz: “I was wearing my favorite pair of shoes I ever designed for Jimmy Choo, the lace-up black style with jeans rolled up. I was still smoking at the time, which is really naughty, so I was standing outside on the street near the restaurant. A woman walked by and she did not stop staring at my shoes. Mike did not believe it, [saying], ‘Usually I get them to stare at me. All she did was stare at your shoes.’ It made our first date really memorable.”

From a first day at school: “There are some Alaia shoes that always stick out in my head. I had them in the mid-’80s, and they were my first real pair of fashion, grown-up, sexy shoes. They were laced up in front with elastic around the back.”

Pair you always travel with: “A great pair of boots. They are the most comfortable thing to travel in.”

Favorite pair in your closet currently: “The Polo Ralph Lauren boot. I wear these every day right now. I sort of get obsessed with one product.”

Plus, check out a behind-the-scenes look at Steve Eichner’s photo shoot with the designer from FN’s interview:

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