High Heels Entice Men According to French Study

Clothes may make the man, but according to a study by the Universite de Bretegne-Sud in France, shoes make the woman.

The just-released research reveals that women in high heels were likely to receive more attention from men than their low-heeled counterparts. For example, women in heels were quicker to get men on the street to participate in a survey, as they also were in getting picked up in a bar over their low-heeled counterparts.

While FN does not dispute the report’s claims, the editors decided to conduct their own research with men in New York. In contrast to the study, men here claimed shoes aren’t an aphrodisiac.

Andy Liz, sales associate: “It depends on the situation. If she were in the gym in high heels, it would raise eyebrows. On any other normal occasion, I wouldn’t treat a woman differently. I’d give her my [usual] chivalrous treatment.”

Brit Hawke, transit worker: “I probably would treat her differently. High heels [give a woman] more class. However, I’d hold a door for anyone.”

Justin Destrange, transit worker: “I don’t see [any] difference. [However], it depends on the occasion. I like the look of a woman in heels on more-formal occasions.”

Will Rasmus, journalist: “[A woman’s] shoes are not the first things I look at. It’s irrelevant. It’s just an accessory that anyone can wear and doesn’t say anything about the person.”

Ony Franco, part-time student:”Shoes are not important in how a woman looks. The only time a pair of high heels may [affect] me is in those more [intimate moments] with my girlfriend.”

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