3 Questions for Julia Haart

Call her a newcomer.

Designer Julia Haart debuted for fall ’14 at retailers like Harrods and Galeries Lafayette. At New York Fashion Week, she showcased her spring ’15 collection, with a heavy focus on infusing art into her luxury line (priced between $800 and $2,500).

“In coupling the finest materials the world has to offer with unparalleled craftsmanship and customization, we offer a new and unexpected combination,” she said. “The concept of the line is to meld seemingly incongruous elements to create a surprising and exciting new aesthetic. We marry old-world luxury and modern technology to create wearable art.”

Up next, she’ll travel to both Barcelona, Spain, and Marrakesh, Morocco, in search of more design inspiration. Here, Haart talks art and her admiration for Charlotte Olympia Dellal and Sophia Webster.

1. Why is art and architecture such a big inspiration for you?
In my travels through India, I witnessed the oldest cave drawings known to mankind in a small town within the province of Madyeh Pradesh. It had a profound effect on me, as I realized that even primitive man, living the barest and most simplistic form of life, without furniture or cutlery or any of the common trappings of modern life, still felt the need to beautify their walls. They had nothing, and yet they created art. A more intimate example of art’s influence over my collection is that I am drawn to and inspired by 14th to 18th century paintings. It is these paintings from which I pull the color waves for my shoe collection. I take inspiration from architecture as well, for I think that art can be found in a multitude of mediums, and I love melding together different art forms to create something wholly new and unexpected. I love the idea of a color palette off a Raphael or a Titian combined with the architectural genius of a Zaha Hadid building.

2. How would you describe your spring ’15 collection?
Playful and vibrant, sensual and utterly chic. It celebrates color and envisions the Julia Haart woman looking fabulous, whether she’s summering in Ibiza, relaxing in some bucolic quiet paradise or working in the city. When I thought of my spring and summer activities, I wanted my line to accommodate each. The spring collection accommodates each scenario the Julia Haart woman may find herself in — a walk down the beach, a stroll through the park, a night out with friends, a romantic moonlit dinner, etc.

3. Is there anyone in the shoe industry that you admire or view as a mentor?
I am so happy to see women — from Charlotte Olympia to Sophia Webster — successfully penetrating what once used to be a male-dominated field. It gives me great hope and aspiration.


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