Storm Chasers

Twin sisters Brynne and Bailye Stansberry have made a splash in the footwear market. The 23-year-old entrepreneurs, founders of rain boot brand Boots by TwoAlity, are also preparing to debut a companion line of water-resistant bags in July followed by children’s boots for fall.

The Stansberrys, who both hold degrees in business administration, have carved a niche in the rain boot category with their customization approach. The collection’s patented single-style boot is made of transparent PVC, allowing a range of interchangeable boot liners to show through and thus creating a wardrobe of looks.

The line, launched last year, began as a project submitted in a high school marketing competition. The sisters continued to develop the concept as part of their college course work. “We spent all our time in college building our supply chain,” said Brynne Stansberry about the Moberly, Mo.-based business, which was initially funded by a $10,000 exit scholarship from high school. Today, it’s financed in part by a small-business loan.

TwoAlity’s signature pull-on boot retails for $69.99, with liners ranging in price from $19.99 to $38.99, depending on the fabric. In addition to single-item purchases, starter kits are available at a range of price points that include one boot and one liner. The boots and liners are made exclusively in the U.S., the Stansberrys said.

According to Bailye Stansberry, “we can compete with cold weather boot brands,” as well as rain boot collections, since the liners are available in both lightweight cottons suited to warmer weather and cozy fleece.  

While the liners are available in a range of fabrics, TwoAlity also offers a liner pattern, retailing at $14.99, whereby customers can make them out of their own fabrics, creating endless possibilities. 

Like the boots, the companion translucent vinyl bags will also feature interchangeable liners. Bags will be sold with one liner for $84.99 to $99.99. Additional liners retail at $40.

In addition to sales online at Thetwoalitystore.com, the boots are available at independent boutiques, Zazzle.com and Shoebuy.com.

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