Powerlace Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Forget learning — or teaching, for that matter — how to tie a pair of shoelaces.

Powerlace has a better idea.

The automated lacing shoe features a lever at its rear. It’s activated using high-resistant cables and the wearer’s body weight — no batteries, motors or gears — to lace the shoes sans hands.

To date, the invention has raised $24,998 of its $650,000 goal on Kickstarter. FN talked to the brand’s co-owner, Pierre Gagnon, who said he’s always hated tying his shoes and knew there had to a better way.

How long have you been developing the product?
We’ve been working on the project for the past seven years. The integration of a mechanical system in a shoe was a technical challenge. We had to study the traditional method of shoe manufacturing and find a way to implement our technology in the process.

What have been the biggest challenges with this project?
Being able to fit a mechanical system on an unstable or soft support — the sole.

How is the Kickstarter program going? What’s the response been?
The Kickstarter campaign is going well, the response is good. We are aware of the amount requested. But it is directly related to the cost of production of the first models — production of shoe lasts, molds and tooling for each size is very expensive. We only hope that customers appreciate the product because I assured them that they will love it.

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