Mobile Shopping: Apps to Note

On the heels of Macy’s announcement this week that it will accept Apple Pay, as well as the iPhone 6 release today, mobile e-commerce is at the forefront of the conversation. And for good reason. The Pew Research Center estimates 58 percent Americans have a smart phone. With those kinds of numbers, there’s good reason to check out what is generating buzz.

The mobile marketplace of Spring aims to replicate the actual shopping experience on your phone.  Named for Spring Street in Soho, it offers brands to follow rather than products, and sorts them into an Instagram-like photo stream. Much like shopping in a store, however a one-time credit card entry allows you to swipe below an image to purchase. It’s an appealing feature for a brand, featuring a range of brands from Warby Parker to Carolina Herrera, which will certainly be counting on user’s impulse buys. The app curates several galleries including “Weekend Basics” and the CFDA Incubator. David Tisch and Jello Labs are behind the app.


If you’re looking for strictly shoes, Stylect is the app for you. Inspired by the simplicity of Tinder—swipe left if it’s not your style and swipe right if you like it—the app learns your footwear preferences to deliver must-buy looks. Users can create search parameters like price point, a few select retailers–Zappos and Nasty Gal, style and color, the rest is up to you to browse away.  Looks are added to your wish list to reference later, and you can also tap to be redirected from the site to buy. The app made its U.S. debut earlier this year, and founder Giacomo Summa said he was banking on the “addictive” nature of the swipe to keep users engaged and entertained.

Imagine Pinterest without the recipes and impossibly perfect DIY projects and you get Keep. The social shopping app is for those ready to spend—everything featured is in-stock at retailers and only a click away from your closet.  If that weren’t dangerous enough, the universal shopping cart allows users to buy from favorite stores all at once. The items featured are user-generated (or “Kept”), and if you’re still not finding the perfect pair of shoes, you’re a tap away from searching the web and “keeping” what you find on your own, in the app.
Guest editors from Leandra Medine to Catt Sadler contribute and site editors curate a few pages around key buzz topics, from iPhone 6 accessories and Instagram. Keep’s backer is Scott Kurnit, founder of About.com.

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