Milestone: 3 Questions for Jennifer Woo

From the very beginning, Pedder Group has been critical to the success of Lane Crawford Joyce Group.

Not only does the retailer run the shoe departments in the Lane Crawford and Joyce department stores, but it drives revenues for the parent company with its other nameplates as well.  

Here, Jennifer Woo, chairman and CEO of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group, sounds off on the unique business model.

1. How important is Pedder Group in your overall business and business strategy?
Pedder Group is highly strategic to The Lane Crawford Joyce Group. It is fuels our multibrand retailers Lane Crawford and Joyce, ensuring our leading fashion positioning extends beyond ready-to-wear to shoes, handbags and accessories, which benefits both our brand partners and our customers.

2. What makes the company unique?
Everything it does is with a finely tuned international fashion sensibility regardless of price point, and that comes from the vast expertise of the team. At its heart, Pedder Group reveres the product, elevating it through beautiful store environments and fantastic collaborations and creative. Its key message — “Beyond desire” — isn’t just lip service. The team lives it.

3. Why do you think shoes and accessories have become so hot in recent years?
Everyone, regardless of age and shape, can buy into fashion through shoes and accessories. The visibility of shoe designers is increasing, so beyond Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, customers know hot newer talents such as Nicholas Kirkwood, Charlotte Olympia and Gianvito Rossi. [We also have seen] the rise of the powerhouse shoe department.

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