Janie Bryant Loves Shoes of Prey

Emmy Award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant has teamed up with online shoe retailer Shoes of Prey for a capsule collection.
Bryant, who has worked on “Mad Men” and “Deadwood,” helped design seven styles, including gold and black ballet flats, heeled snakeskin sandals and red ankle boots.
Here, Bryant tells FN about her inspirations and key styles from the collection.
Why did you want to work with Shoes of Prey?
“I love that anyone can go online and design their own pair of shoes. How many times have you gone into a store where you say to yourself, ‘I love this shoe, but I wish it could have a different heel or a different toe’? [Shoes of Prey] really allows its consumer to own a beautiful shoe and create your own style.”
How did the collaboration come about?

“They actually approached me [about doing a collection]. I loved the idea of their website and love the idea of anything bespoke [in design]. This was my first shoe collection, and I was really excited about doing it with Shoes of Prey. I had done a collection with Banana Republic, but the focus was more on the apparel, so this essentially is my very first shoe collection.”
Can you share a bit of your inspiration for the styles you designed?

“I was inspired by jewel tones and wanted the collection to be sexy and luxurious, but also very wearable. I started formulating my ideas based on jewel tones and the richness of snakeskin. In the beginning, I was thinking, ‘Okay, maybe I’ll do velvet, [too],’ especially because the shoes are out during the holidays, which is all about luxury and [also why] the jewel tones were so important.”
What is your favorite style?
“I love, love the high-heel sandal! Its rich purple, deep magenta and black snakeskin is so sexy. The design of the shoe is simple and really all about the color. I also love the D’Orsay Points heel as well, which reminds me of Christina Hendricks from ‘Mad Men.'”
The collection is available exclusively online at Shoes of Prey.

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