3 Questions for Jennifer Malatesta

Luxury Rebel is getting a new look.

The collection, owned by Highline United, is undergoing a rebranding, with an updated style for fall ’14. In addition, the brand will launch e-commerce next month to showcase the new collection.

“Our primary goal for the balance of this year is simply to increase the brand awareness of Luxury Rebel and position ourselves strategically where the Luxury Rebel girl can find us,” said Highline United Creative Director Jennifer Malatesta, who cited Shopbop.com, Revolve and Urban Outfitters as a few of the label’s biggest retail partners.

For the upcoming season, the collection was inspired by the book “Rock Star Chic: The Dark Side of High Fashion,” by Patrice Farameh.

“These edgy subcultures can influence high-end fashion. The engineering of harness details, slashed leathers, corsetry, wovens and fringe was an amazing jump-start to the collection and then, ironically, in considering how to get the same innovative-yet-sophisticated feel through simple, clean silhouettes,” said Malatesta. “With much exploration, a collection was born.”

Here, the creative director talks reinvention and reaching consumers.

1. Talk about the rebranding: How has the line changed and why?
As we regrouped on the direction for Luxury Rebel, we recognized that the strength lies in its name. The path was laid for us, we just needed to make this the mantra as we designed the collection, to bring it back to basics and infuse her genuine creative roots — a love affair between fashion, art and music, which is infinitely chic and sophisticated. We also hired a new design director, Renee Snelson, to lead the charge and bring a fresh approach to the line. As a result, the product is much richer and detail-oriented to offer something truly unique to the consumer.

2. How will you promote the new look on social media?
Luxury Rebel is always taking inspiration from its day-to-day happenings, and we enjoy sharing these moments with our followers. The brand is music-centric, so we like to promote new bands and concerts as we find them. We are always awed by street art throughout the world — in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Miami — as a universal language that stirs up emotions, thoughts and creativity. And, of course, we like to feature the shoes in real places, real experiences, real time.

3. What about the e-commerce launch — what are your plans and expectations?
The website will be a destination for creative, fashion-aware women to truly experience the brand and lifestyle. We will share inspiration and offer the complete assortment of seasonal collections. There will be many fun, interactive moments.

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