What’s the Biggest Challenge for Juniors’ Brands?

Andy Petersen, president; Zigi NY
“Retail pricing in the market has not increased for many years, while production and freight costs have increased every year. And one thing that will probably never change is the true junior consumer has a limited budget. She uses this money for makeup, clothes, shoes, movies, so she wants to find value in everything she buys.”

Don Weiss, co-owner, president; Blowfish

“The market is getting tougher as young people become more tech-savvy and knowledgeable. The juniors’ market is filled with millennials who are getting smarter about product, brands, pricing and trends with information easily available to them. The challenge for us is to keep up with them and their ever- changing needs.”

Bob Goldman, CEO; Chinese Laundry
“The biggest challenge in the juniors’ market falls in the e-commerce department. This platform continues to change on a dime, reaching new consumers on a daily basis. Creating instant visibility of the latest trends and product is crucial, and it is important to know how to do that and how to keep up with the changes for maximum reach and, in return, sales.”

Sari Ratsula, president; Seychelles & BC Footwear

“In the juniors’ market, retailers are playing it safe. If you look at the merchandise out there, it looks pretty stale. Newness is more likely to get girls out to shop, [rather than] simply offering them updates of proven looks they already have in their closets. Yes, it is risky to be the one who steps out from the crowd, but that is the only way to make a difference.”

Jamie Bethke, SVP; Elan Polo International

“Price is one of our biggest challenges this year. Juniors have seen their expendable incomes decrease due to the rising cost of tuition and the general influence of the current economic environment. Through preferred social media platforms, [we try to] promote key items at the right price and time.”

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