Two Ten: Staff Secrets

Two Ten insiders share emotional anecdotes and why their work is meaningful.

Mary Hehir
Assistant to President

“When you leave at night, instead of working at a place for profit where you’ve made profit or done something for yourself, you leave the doors of Two Ten knowing you’ve done something for someone else. It’s a rewarding life-giving experience every day. We are kind of insular where we work in Waltham; there are 15 of us making the wheels turn. I’ll never forget my first annual dinner. I went up on the balcony to get a full view of [the dining floor]. Everyone was there in support of Two Ten. There were 1,200 people there. That’s when I realized, this was the [result] of the foundation. I was very proud to be a part of that.”

Tanya Robinson
Intake Specialist

“When I hear that sigh or sob of relief, that affects me the most because I know that we made a difference. It means that was a job well done, not only for that person, but for the entire family.”

Ernesto Teixeira
Accounting Associate

“One day, I was joining my colleagues for lunch and jumped into the elevator. As the door closed, the elevator speaker system started ringing. At that time, we’d been experiencing some technical issues where the elevator just randomly rang and then stopped. On the other line, I heard somebody say, ‘Hello?’ So my instincts kicked in immediately to respond with ‘Thank you for calling Two Ten.’ This gentleman proceeded to tell me he was calling me to apply for a scholarship. I had to explain to him that somehow he called the elevator of our building. I gave him my direct number, and I ran back downstairs to my desk. I helped him start his application, and he got the scholarship.”

Suzanne Murray
Development Manager

“We give people an easy way to help out their coworkers. Sometimes we’ll hear from people, ‘[A colleague] was diagnosed with cancer, what can I do to help her?’ It’s not a situation where you can often give directly to somebody you know is having a hard time, but you can give to us, and we can help them. It’s something people can’t always find.”

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Kelli-Beth Vecchione
Development Manager

“I get to show people what their gift does directly. It’s getting to show that every gift to Two Ten makes a difference, whether you’re an individual giving $2.10 or you’re a company giving $100,000. It’s making a real impact, and I like to be able to share those stories.”

John Meisenbach
Intake Specialist

“We’re a unifier in the footwear industry in that we bring the footwear industry together as a whole, even though [certain brands] might be your sworn enemy. We get people from Aldo and then people from Converse all together in the same room doing something good for everybody. It’s a cool thing.”

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