Toms Enters Coffee Biz

Blake Mycoskie wants people to start their day off right — with a cup of coffee, in fact.
The Toms Shoes founder revealed today at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, that the company plans to extend its name into the coffee business.
The new brand, called Toms Roasting Co., is part of the firm’s one-for-one model, in which it gives away a product for each one it sells. In this case, the company, which aims to open coffeehouses, will give away clean water for every cup of joe it sells.
While Mycoskie was tight lipped leading up to today’s big reveal, he did hint to Footwear News during an interview in Los Angeles in December that “something like [coffee] could be a possibility.”
When FN pressed him about entering the food and beverage arena, Mycoskie said, “Food is difficult. It’s a totally new business. I never say never, though. It’s a difficult area because it would require having an amazing partner or require us to hire a whole bunch of new people — very different people than a footwear designer.”

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