Timberland’s Newest Partnership: Tires

Timberland shoes are going to have quite the journey before they ever reach your feet.
The footwear company announced a new partnership with Omni United, a tire distributor.  As a part of the collaboration, Radar Tires and Timberland-branded rubber tires will be recycled at the end of their life to make the outsoles of the Timberland shoes.
The unconventional partnership has been a long time coming according to the two companies. The sustainable initiative was conceived three years ago after Timberland and Omni United realized that tires and shoes were the largest consumers of rubber.
“It’s this kind of cross-industry collaboration that’s fueling real change and innovation in the marketplace,” said Stewart Whitney, president of Timberland.
The first line of Timberland tires will be available in the spring of 2015, with the first batch ready for recycling by later 2017.

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