Stance’s Star Holiday Roster

Collaborations are nothing new in fashion, but Stance is taking a varied approach this season.

The sock retailer has unveiled partnerships with several stars from the fashion, athletic and music industries — most recently with singer-songwriter Santigold.

Featuring a diverse blend of prints — including chain links, aliens in Egypt and fox hunters — the singer’s line, High Points in History, offers six different ways to spice up an outfit south of the ankles.

Dwayne Wade’s holiday update is also a mix of bold patterns and bright hues, while Langley Fox Hemingway’s collection has a moodier feel, with abstract prints in black, white, gray and burgundy. So, how did Stance choose its current roster?

“We select our collaboration partners [at Stance] based off of the notion that their personal aesthetic will result in producing something that feels as original as their craft,” said Candy Harris, VP of women’s strategy. “It’s not about social media numbers, it’s about making sure it lives up to our standard of the uncommon thread. At the end of the day, we thrive off the creative process and the unique opportunity to marry our creative partners with a new canvas in socks.”

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