Skechers Sues Reebok for Patent Breach

Skechers USA Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Reebok International for selling footwear that infringes on its GoWalk product line.

Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based Skechers is seeking compensatory and punitive damages in addition to injunctive relief for Reebok’s alleged breach of Skechers’ patent and trademark rights, and for unfair competition.

Skechers is claiming that Reebok is selling the copycat products under the name “Reebok Walk Ahead RS.” Reebok’s U.S. head of media relations could not be immediately reached for comment.

David Weinberg, Skechers COO, said in a statement, “Skechers has invested tremendous resources into designing, developing, advertising and patenting our Skechers GoWalk product line and has built Skechers GoWalk into a name and look globally recognized and synonymous with Skechers.”

Weinberg added, “While we prefer to compete in the marketplace, Reebok is selling its infringing footwear to Skechers wholesale customers and in other sales channels where Skechers GoWalk is sold, and we believe this is causing us enormous damage. Considering our investment in Skechers GoWalk, we cannot allow a company the size of Reebok, or any other company for that matter, to infringe on one of our most valuable intellectual properties.”

He warned that his company will take legal action against other shoe firms that develop products infringing on patent and trademark rights of other Skechers product lines.

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