Quick-Change Artist

When it comes to fashion, Diane Licht is an agent of change. The founder of Manhattan Beach, Calif.,-based Cambiami, a collection of customizable sandals, Licht gives consumers the opportunity to transform a single sandal style into a wardrobe of looks.

Inspired by the Italian phrase for “change me,” Cambiami was the result of a vacation Licht took to Greece where she took along 10 pairs of sandals for her 12-day trip. “When I opened my suitcase, there were all these shoes,” Licht said. “They were the same style, but in different colors.”

Licht, a former publicist for NBC, set out on a new career path and enrolled in Milan’s ArsSutoria School, where she studied design and manufacturing. She returned home and set to work on developing the collection, which is based on a single sandal base in two colors. A thong-style upper is then chosen from a series of 24 colors and patterns that are simply snapped on to the base.

“The silhouette is versatile, simple, yet classic,” said Licht about the iconic style. “It’s about versatility and fun. Customers are free to choose, create and customize [their look].”

Launched with the help of private investors, the sandals are sold exclusively online at Cambiami.com. A single sandal base plus two interchangeable uppers retail for $85. Additional bases sell for $25 each, or they can be purchased separately for $40 each.

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