Milestone: More From Jim Weber

In a wide-ranging interview at Brooks’ headquarters in Seattle, President and CEO Jim Weber covered it all, from his efforts to create a strong culture to the company’s future goals.

Here, in this Web-exclusive bonus, the chief talks candidly about …

How brands gather data on race day:
 “We actually do statistical shoe counts at several dozen races around the world, from 5-Ks to marathons. Even if you’re a serial marathoner and it’s your third one this year, or [even] if you’re a first-timer, the shoe is a very serious choice.”

How his job has shifted:
“From 2004 up until 2010, we were a functional organization: David Bohan was our COO, and I was obviously the CEO, and we had all the functions reporting to us. Now we’ve got regional businesses set up and strong executive leadership across that, so I’m not driving the business week to week or month to month. I’m much more on the strategy level.”

Learning to change his CEO style:
“I was always a brand repositioning/turnaround person — I did four of those. But I’ve worked really hard to turn myself into a growth company CEO. And right now, this company needs that. I believe I’m making good progress at that. It’s a puzzle. I love solving puzzles.

What he hopes people say about him in 50 years:
“Boy, Jim was a fast runner. [Laughs] No, I love to be a part of a team, building something, so that 50 years from now if they look back at this time, [I want them to say] we built one of the most exciting, most loved, most interesting and most dynamic brands.”

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