Micro-Pak Sues About Toxic Shoeboxes

Hong Kong-based supplier Micro-Pak Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against Taiwan-based YCM Co. on allegations its product contains toxic poisons and chemicals that are contaminating shoeboxes entering the U.S.

Micro-Pak filed documents against YCM in the Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this week amid claims that brands such as Nike Inc., Toms, Ecco, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and others are unknowingly shipping rat poison in their shoeboxes being imported into the country.

“We felt we had no choice except to bring this unfair competition action because consumers are being deceived when they purchase products that could potentially harm themselves and their families,” said Micro-Pak founder Martin Berman.

“In addition to the shoes that end up on the feet of children and adults alike, the shoeboxes containing these potent chemicals are often saved for storage purposes, including family photos, baseball cards, class projects and small pets. Consumers deserve to know what is contained in the products they buy before they bring them home to their families,” he added.

One of the main ingredients in YCM’s products, according to Micro-Pak, is allyl isothiocyanate, the active ingredient in rodent repellent. The lawsuit alleges that YCM is in breach of state and federal regulations meant to protect consumers against such harmful poisons.

“By ignoring the regulations implemented by the United States and the state of California, YCM has avoided the expense associated with compliance, gaining an unfair advantage in the marketplace while putting children and consumers at risk,” the complaint states.

Micro-Pak is seeking an order restricting YCM from selling its products for use in the States without approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation.

YCM was not available for comment at press time.

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