Media Bank: Teva to Rock Bonnaroo… Rider’s College Tour

Teva’s New Sound
Expect to see lots of colorful Teva sandals on Bonnaroo festivalgoers this year. The lifestyle footwear brand this week announced its partnership with — and official footwear sponsorship of — the music-and-arts festival, taking place June 12-15. “Teva sandals have long been considered festival essentials,” Lucas Martinez, Teva’s marketing manager, said in a statement. “The simplicity, utility and freedom of sport sandals make them the ideal footwear for summer festivals.” For Chad Issaq, EVP of business development and partnerships at Bonnaroo, Teva is perfect for the festival. “We are extremely proud of the community that has developed around the festival, and we’re very protective of it,” Issaq said. “Every partner we bring in needs to enhance the experience for the Bonnaroo community, and we feel Teva can do just that.” Additionally, the brand marks its 30th anniversary this year with the reintroduction of its Originals Collection, appearing in a global campaign set to launch this month.

Foosball, Anyone?
Rider Sandals, the Brazilian footwear brand, is test-driving its 2014 line with its third nationwide search for the best collegiate foosball players in the U.S. Rider plans to visit 15 campuses across the Southwest and the Southeast. So far, UCLA, San Diego State and University of Nevada Las Vegas have received visits. At Rider booths, students sign up for foosball tournaments to compete for $100 cash prizes. Next week, Rider will camp out for spring break in Panama City Beach, Fla., until March 21. All told, the company hopes to expose 400,000 students to the brand. “These events are a great way for us to connect with our core consumers and learn from them. Our products are fresh and fun, and this tour is based on the same premise,” Angelo Daros, VP of marketing at Rider USA, said in a statement.

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