Manduka Launches Footwear

Yoga brand Manduka is partnering with PlusFoam for its first collection of footwear.

Set to launch on April 1, the $40 sandals for men and women feature a footbed made of the same material as the brand’s LiveOn yoga mats, which debut in June. The goal, said Manduka CEO Sky Meltzer, is to let wearers “stay connected to their practice, and have a [footwear] solution to come to and from the studio.”

Both the sandals and mats are being made with PlusFoam, a fully recyclable compound. The products will be sold with hangtags that instruct the buyer how to ship the product back to PlusFoam’s headquarters to be recycled.

“[Part of our mission is] finding eco-friendly solutions that perform and support yogis worldwide,” he said.

The sandals will be targeted to yoga studios across the country and available online at Manduka’s website. The target market, Meltzer said, is the yoga enthusiasts who make up the bulk of the brand’s clientele, as well as people attracted to the yoga lifestyle — those “who love or identify with yoga but might not have the time to make into the studio.”

The brand will expand the collection with PlusFoam for the spring ’15 season.

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