IM Custom Launches Foot-Scanning Technology

Newly created iM Custom is taking a high-tech look at feet.

The Carlsbad, Calif.-based company this month launched its 3-D foot scanner and custom insole program. Serving both the medical and retail communities, the scanner creates a 3-D imprint of the foot that can be used to create a custom insole, customize a premade version or enhance the shoe-fitting experience.

Using the scanner, a person’s foot can be seen in motion, bearing weight or not. With a cloud-based proprietary code, the scanner can recognize, triangulate and present someone’s 3-D foot pattern to an accuracy of plus or minus 1 millimeter. The scanner can then communicate the information wirelessly between its Android application on a tablet and its cloud network.

Glen Hinshaw, CEO and company founder, said the scan will be available to consumers so they can use it to shop for shoes that best fit their individual foot shape. Consumers will be able to view the scan on their phone, tablet or computer.

Hinshaw added that insole sales are just one part of the business plan. The company also will offer the scanners to storeowners to help better fit consumers. “Retailers can benefit even without the purchase of an orthotic,” he said.

The CEO also noted that e-tailers could eventually work with iM Custom to build their own database of foot scans to help match customers with the most appropriate shoe options.

When a person places their foot on the scanner, the process takes 10 seconds. Once the imprint has been digitally uploaded to a tablet connected wirelessly to the scanner, the customer can then purchase iM Custom’s performance Lock-Fit premade customizable insole or a custom version. Podiatrists also can make further enhancements to the digital imprint to create a custom version.

The scanning device can be rented or sold. Retail prices for the custom insoles range from $250 to $500 and take one week to be delivered. The premade versions can be purchased in stores and retail from $84 to $109. Currently, select stores in the Good Feet chain offer the scanning device, in addition to podiatrists.

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