Camper, Pretty Ballerinas Co-Design Spring Styles

Camper is proving there are no fashion secrets among friends. The Majorca, Spain-based company collaborated with Menorca, Spain-based Mascaró, parent of Pretty Ballerinas, for two women’s looks set to hit stores in April.

According to Quique Diaz, communications director for Mascaró, the owners of the two family-run businesses have been longtime friends. “They have a good relationship and decided to do something together,” he explained.

Design teams from both firms brainstormed while on a boat halfway between their respective islands to create styles that blend the two labels’ aesthetic sensibilities. 

“It’s rather exceptional that two footwear brands join hands for a collaboration, but at Camper, we share the same Mediterranean background and values of craftsmanship as Pretty Ballerinas, each with our own creative vision and aesthetics,” said Philippe Salva, global public relations director for Camper. “Why not bring these ingredients together to create a unique shoe that reflects inspiration from both brands with our common background? The result is a Pretty Ballerina and a recognizable Camper flat with a different twist.” 

The mini-collection consists of Pretty Ballerinas’ Marilyn style, a low-cut round-toe flat, detailed with Camper’s signature zigzag elastic laces; and a delicate Pretty Ballerinas look in silky nubuck with a pink bow that picks up a rubber sole and toe guard from Camper’s Peu Senda shoe.

Retailing for $170, the limited-edition collection will be available in select Camper and Pretty Ballerinas stores worldwide. 

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