Bucketfeet Launches Flip-Flops

Chicago-based Bucketfeet is kicking off its shoes.

The start-up brand, designed by a network of artists, is introducing flip-flops on Aug. 1. The new collection features seven styles: four men’s and three women’s.

“We see flip-flops as a new type of canvas that our artists can create for, and as yet another way for them to get their art walking all over the world,” said Katie Hunckler, Bucketfeet’s marketing manager.

The line features a variety of seasonal designs, including Floral, Pineappleade, Palms and Birds, created by artists from Venezuela, Colombia, Chicago and New York, respectively.

“The main challenge was narrowing down the styles that we ultimately produced,” Hunckler explained. “This always seems to be difficult because we have so many amazing artist submissions to consider.”

The flip-flips retail for $30. They will be available on the brand’s website, at its Chicago and New York stores, and at a dedicated shop at Lollapalooza.

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