3 Questions for Aryo Ariotedjo

Riding the footwear customization wave, Projectshoe.com will debut its e-commerce site on June 1.

The Indonesia-based company will offer 12 silhouettes on which customers can design every aspect of the look, from color and material to toe box, heel style and height.

Aryo Ariotedjo founded the company with his wife, Saraswati Ariotedjo, who serves as the CFO. Grupara Inc., a startup-focused holding company, partnered on the project.

“Project Shoe offers incredibly high-end, well-made, handmade, customizable shoes with unlimited options,” said CEO Aryo Ariotedjo. “The difference between us and some of our competitors is that where the materials are sourced, how they’re made and how quickly you get them are just a cut above the rest. It’s higher quality.”

Project Shoe delivers styles in about three weeks and prices range from $200 to $250 per pair.

Aryo Ariotedjo said he has big plans for the future, including bowing a men’s selection in 2015, opening pop-up shops and allowing for customization of shoes customers already own. FN talked to the founder about the development of Project Shoe.

1. Why did you decide to go with customization for the company’s launch?
Mass customization is a trend or will be a bigger one. It’s not only in shoes but also in accessories and apparel. We are planning to improve our designs and add more of them every month, so it brings out some freshness about our company. In fashion, everything moves fast and there are always new trends and designs.

2. How do you help your customers design their shoe?
One of the things the team discovered in the initial phase was, even though customization is such an awesome tool, some people want to be inspired by what other people design. There’s an option that you can click to allow other designed shoes to appear [and buy]. It’s almost like having a store, in addition to being able to design your own shoe.

3. How do you plan to reach your customers?
We are active on social media, which is fun and interesting. We have a blog feed, too. We’re doing a lot that’s working to engage the footwear community. People who are involved in and passionate about shoes are a [part of a] really tight community. They’re very active and engaged, and like to share, whether it’s telling a friend in person about a company they discovered or liking and sharing things on social media.

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