Social Media 2014: Winners, Losers, Takeaways

Who is the social media super star of 2014? Athletic shoe brands, according to data from marketing firm Stylophane.

That said, though sports brands have a much larger number of followers, fashion brands are the winners in audience engagement relative to content quantity.

FN rounds up these and more takeaways from three major social platforms — Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Twitter Takeaways:

  1. Monthly active users: 284M
  2. 7 of top 10 most followed footwear brands are athletic.
  3. As golf has struggled in business, it also struggled on social media. Nike Golf fell from eighth to 13th between January and December.
  4. Fashion means engagement: Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin have user engagement rates double that of athletic brands. Nike Basketball (which could be argued has as much to do with sneakerhead fashion than performance) also has a high engagement rate.
  5. Toms Shoes makes its only showing in the top 10 of footwear brands on social media on Twitter.
  6. Crocs fell off the top 10 list by year-end, replaced by fashion sneaker brand Supra.


Instagram Takeaways:

  1. Monthly active users: 300M
  2. 6 of the 10 most followed footwear brands are owned by Nike Inc.
  3. 8 of the 10 most followed footwear brands are athletic.
  4. Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are the only two fashion footwear brands to appear in the top 10 at the end of 2014.
  5. Steve Madden fell from sixth place in January to 12th in December.
  6. Nike Women’s joined the top 10 in December, eclipsing Jeffrey Campbell.


Facebook Takeaways:

  1. Monthly active users: 1.23B
  2. Edgier, non-athletic sneaker brands excel on Facebook. Supra, DC Shoes, Puma, Vans and Converse round out the top 10.
  3. Converse dominates, with 40.9M followers in December 2014.
  4. Havaianas are the only non-athletic brand to appear on the top 10.
  5. While Jimmy Choo (16th) and Christian Louboutin (14th) don’t rank on the top 10, their engagement rate is significantly higher than the other brands. Manolo Blahnik, which has only 163,000 followers, is in first place with user engagement, getting a higher percentage of likes, shares and comments relative to its users. The engagement rate for Blahnik is 333 times that of Converse, according to Stylophane’s calculation.


FN Footwear Social Media Index

Facebook: Top 10 Biggest Followers 

Rank December 2014 January 2014
1. Converse: 40.9M Converse: 37.5M
2. Nike Football (soccer): 38.3M Adidas: 22.6M
3. Adidas: 26M Nike Football (soccer): 21.6M
4. Nike: 22.4M Nike: 16.4M
5. Vans: 15.6M Vans: 13M
6. Puma: 13.7M DC Shoes: 11.2M
7. DC Shoes: 13.5M Puma: 10.4M
8. Nike Basketball: 7.2M Nike Basketball: 5.5M
9. Havaianas: 5.5M Havaianas: 5M
10. Supra: 3.07M Crocs: 2.6M


Twitter: Top 10 Biggest Brands

Rank December 2014 January 2014
1. Nike: 4.2M Nike: 2.7M
2. Nike Football: (soccer) 2.5M Toms Shoes: 2.2M
3. Adidas: 2.3M Nike Football (soccer): 1.7M
4. Toms Shoes: 2.2M Adidas: 1.5M
5. Christian Louboutin: 1.5M Christian Louboutin: 1.2M
6. Nike Basketball: 1.4M Nike Basketball: 1M
7. Puma: 1.02M Jimmy Choo: 536K
8. Vans: 799K Nike Golf: 501K
9. Jimmy Choo: 782K Adrienne Maloof: 485K
10. Converse: 764K Vans: 426K

Instagram: Top 10 Biggest Brands

Rank December 2014 January 2014
1. Nike: 8.6M Nike: 3.3M
2. Christian Louboutin: 3.6M Christian Louboutin: 2.21M
3. Nike Football (soccer): 3.3M Vans: 1M
4. Adidas: 2.7M Nike Football (soccer): 917K
5. Vans: 2.2M Adidas: 799K
6. Nike Running: 1.4M Steve Madden: 658K
7. Nike Basketball: 1.4M Converse: 583K
8. Converse: 1.2M Nike Running: 539K
9. Jimmy Choo: 1.2M Nike Basketball: 500K
10. Nike Women’s USA: 1.1M Jimmy Choo: 463K
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