Tina Aldatz to Exit Foot Petals

Tina Aldatz, the pioneering woman who founded footwear accessories brand Foot Petals Inc., plans to step away from the business. Aldatz, who sold her company to Pickerington, Ohio-based R.G. Barry Corp. in 2011 and since remained as creative adviser, will leave the company Oct. 6.

“Most entrepreneurs take a year or two off after selling their company,” said Aldatz, who now plans to devote her time to other endeavors.

“I was recently engaged and want to enjoy this time,” she said. “I’ve worked since I was 15, so I’m [also] taking time to fulfill a lifelong dream of mentoring youth.” Currently, Aldatz is co-chair of the Hispanic 100 Mentor Program.

While Aldatz has no immediate plans to launch another business, she said she is leaving the door open. “I’ve been focusing on public speaking to women, entrepreneurs and disadvantaged youth,” she said. “I’m in the process of writing a book about my life and just wrapped up a film trailer to shop around to networks.”

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