The Pliners’ Good Taste

After 15 years of marriage, Donald and Lisa Pliner have a new baby: their first collaborative footwear line. Donald & Lisa Signature, a high-end women’s collection, is set to hit retail for spring ’13. While Lisa Pliner previously oversaw Lisa for Donald J Pliner, this is the only line the couple has officially designed together. “Our experiences complement each other,” said Lisa Pliner. The couple noted that his vast industry experience and her intuition regarding what works for the target customer are vital. “I’m always baffled that a woman can go into a store, see something on the hanger and know what it will look like,” Donald Pliner said. “A woman sometimes will see more from a design point of view than a man [when it comes to a women’s line].” Still, the pair, who recently moved back to Los Angeles after a few years in Miami, doesn’t always see eye to eye when it comes to footwear design. “We butt heads sometimes,” Donald Pliner admitted. “But it’s nice to have someone as a counterpoint to be able to talk to.” Here, the Pliners share some of their common — and not so common — preferences.

Most indulgent pet-pampering:

Lisa: “I take [our Maltese, Babydoll], to get a massage every year in Cabo.”
Donald: “She’s had the same masseuse for years. She also only drinks Fiji water.”

Worst party faux pas:
Donald: “Masticating. You see people with colored gum sticking out and going back and forth while they are talking.”
Lisa: “People taking their shoes off. They should just wear more comfortable shoes.”

Go-to shoe:
Donald: “My beaded loafers with [images of] Babydoll.”
Lisa: “I don’t have a favorite — I wear one for three days straight and go to the next.”

Favorite artist:
Donald: “Andy Warhol. Besides being an artist, he was about creativity in life. He was a fashion icon.”
Lisa: “Edgar Degas. The beauty of his ballerinas and the freedom of his [style] has always stuck with me.”

Most romantic film:
Donald: “‘Out of Africa.’ It was 360-degree romance.”
Lisa: “‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ because it was about a little girl who came from nothing and found the love of her life.”

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