Rock Group Deap Vally’s Good Taste

Deap Vally, composed of vocalist and guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards, describes their style as classic rock looks with their own twist. “Our style is fun, glamorous and playful, with a nod to musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin,” Edwards said. And this summer Steve Madden Music tapped the band to play in its concert series. “We get approached by a lot of brands,” Edwards said. “We really liked [Steve Madden] shoes, so this was a perfect match.” Here, the duo sounds off on how they got into music, vintage shopping and their favorite pairs of Maddens growing up.

Hot fashion trend of the moment:
Crop tops. “It reminds me of when I was kid and midriffs were in.”
LT: “Looking disheveled, because we don’t have time to look chic.”

Go-to shopping spots:
“There’s some really killer vintage shopping in Austin, Texas. We went to one called Laced with Romance that was amazing.”
LT: “Wasteland American Vintage. We also love custom-made stuff.”

Earliest music memory:
“Janet Jackson’s ‘Rhythm Nation.’ I went to her concert twice.”
LT: “Being at my older sister’s piano lessons when I was really young.”

Favorite Steve Madden shoes growing up:
“I had some Steve Madden Mary Janes in patent leather.”
LT: “There’s a pair of Steve Madden cowboy boots I had growing up. I wore the soles out.”

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