Natalie Suarez’s Good Taste

It’s fitting that Natalie Suarez has joined the Modern Vice team as a design collaborator — if she has any kind of vice, it’s fashion. “I’ve been modeling since I was 15 [and] I know every brand, every editorial,” said Suarez, who has starred in ad campaigns for the likes of Mango, DKNY and Volcom; pens the popular 4-year-old Natalie Off Duty style blog; and makes appearances on Color Me Nana, her sister Dylana’s fashion site. “I will always love getting dressed in the morning, [and I] continue to be passionate about my work, whether it be modeling or designing a pair of shoes.” In addition to collaborating with Modern Vice founders Jordan and Jensen Adoni on their made-in-New York collection of Jett booties, Suarez also styles lookbooks and other visuals for the label. “I love that besides working on our Jett line, I do get a lot of creative control [when it comes to] the brand’s photo shoots and to gathering inspiration for every coming season,” she said. Footwear News caught up with the multitasker while she was at home in New York between modeling gigs in Europe and Los Angeles, and got her take on sisterhood, good reads and crazy outfits.

Favorite rainy-day activity:
“I love being in the factory on a rainy day. It’s very cozy, and I love just sitting and working in the design lab. Otherwise, I love my apartment. When it’s so gloomy, I just turn on a dim light and read with a candle burning.”

Digital vs. paper:
“I prefer paper magazines. … It reminds me of when I was little and would spend hours curled up in Barnes & Noble with a stack of Vogues and Harper’s Bazaars.”

Weirdest outfit I’ve modeled:
“I one time did a whole latex shoot. Everything was latex — the bras, the skirts. The collection was extremely beautiful, but they had to put petroleum all over my body to get the pieces on and off. I’ve had a shoot where I was completely painted silver and covered in jewels, too.”

Sibling rivalry:
“We try not to fight, [but Dylana and I] are like twins when it comes to personality. Mostly we fight about creative things. Sometimes we hate taking each other’s photos [for our blogs].”

My guilty pleasure:
“Mini M&M’s.”

Every day I have to …
“Drink coffee.”

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