June Ambrose’s Good Taste

Creating on-trend looks comes naturally to June Ambrose. The Hollywood stylist, TV personality and mom of two was born into a fashion-oriented family. “My mother owned a retail store,” said the budding accessory designer, whose footwear line, June Ambrose for Theme, debuted on March 22 in collaboration with HSN. “I always had access to lots of clothes, and she didn’t put a lid on my creativity.” Ambrose’s label, which retails for $69 to $119 and includes a variety of shapes in vibrant colors and contrasting textures, aims to help women find their inner fashionistas. “I designed the shoes with antidotes [to common footwear problems] in mind,” she said. “For women who are afraid to walk in heels, I can slowly train them into other silhouettes.” In fact, the instructional aspect drew Ambrose to her latest endeavor. “The best part is being able to get product into the marketplace in a way that the consumer can actually meet me,” she added of her HSN appearances. “I can give them personal tips and have a conversation with them.” Here, the style maven shares more about her fashion philosophy, shopping strategy and what not to wear. A Woman’s wardrobe Must Include … “A pair of pumps, a beautiful suit and shapewear. Shapewear gives you that secret confidence.”

Style no-no:
“Belting without purpose. Wearing belts with blazers that are not cut for a belt or just throwing a belt over a shirt drives me nuts. I’ve seen that derail a lot of looks.”

Universally flattering silhouette: “The A-line skirt is great for the girl who is straight up-and-down or on the curvy side. It creates the illusion of a smaller waist.”

Philosophy for styling my kids:
“We treat getting dressed like painting a picture or decorating cupcakes. I lay out the foundation and then let them [accessorize].”

Favorite fashion film: “‘Mahogany.’ I am obsessed with the 1970s and glamour, and the whole story of the small-town girl making it big.”

Best thrift-store find: “A Hermès belt that was still selling in stores for like $3,500. I got it for about $500.”

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