Jane Aldridge’s Good Taste

Jane Aldrige, 21, has cornered the market on online outfit documentation with a feet-first approach. Since launching Seaofshoes.com in 2007 with the help of her mother (fellow style blogger Judy Aldrige, now of Atlantishome.com) she has collaborated with brands such as Shoemint and Schutz on specially designed footwear. This year, she joined the masthead of blog hub Nowmanifest.com (a Fairchild Fashion Media property), which also hosts fellow viral stars Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast.com.

With her own whimsical point of view, Aldridge has continued to grow her influence and readership, all whilst remaining based slightly off the beaten fashion path in her native Dallas. “It’s so wonderful to have that association,” she said. “It’s already brought great things my way so I think it will be exciting to see what next year holds.”


We caught up with the footwear fanatic when she was in Toronto, Canada earlier this month to help fete the opening of Holt Renfrew’s new shoe hall at Yorkdale Shopping Centre (now four times its original size, with shop-in-shops devoted to Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Manolo Blahnik and Salvatore Ferragamo among others).

Standout shoe of the moment:

“I saw a beautiful pair of lace Manolos at Holt Renfrew. They were that classic BB shape, but they were the most delicate silhouette and absolutely stunning.”

Toronto top marks:
“I went to The Harbord Room for dinner and it was amazing. It would be the best place to go on a date or for your birthday. This was my first time in Canada, but I’m definitely going to come back to see [fellow bloggers] the Beckerman sisters again.”

Must-pack pairs:
“Golden Goose cowboy boots, perfect for wearing around town, and Jerome C. Rousseau booties. I love all his shoes. They are almost sporty mesh open toes with a closed back so it’s almost a boot. A little bit tough, a little bit sexy — they are my number one holiday style.”

Snow storm pick:
“I do wear Uggs when it’s really cold and I’m walking my dog.”

Holiday ritual:
“My mom’s place outside Dallas. She has quite a few dogs and we like to all celebrate there. My sister makes my great-grandma’s recipe: orange chocolate chip cookies. We watch ‘The Ref,’ a great Christmas movie.”

2013 fashion highlights:
“The Chanel show in Texas. Everyone came to town. I was so excited to show my fashion friends around Dallas. I was also invited back to the debutante ball in Paris to cover it for my site (Aldridge first attended the event in Chanel in 2009). I had so much fun going backstage before the debs debuted. Those photos are now on my blog.”

Only in Dallas:

“My favorite thing to do when I’m hosting friends from out of town is to go to the Mansion Bar at the Mansion Hotel. Then maybe for a little bit of hokey fun, there is a gay cowboy themed dive bar down the street called The Roundup. They have a mechanical bull, cheesy dance floor and shirtless cowboys.”

Country strong:

“I just started watching ‘Nashville’ — it’s so good. It’s made me more into country music. You really aren’t surrounded by it much here. You think that you would be, but it’s more of a Fort Worth thing than a Dallas thing. It’s really fun to go the Stockyards in Fort Worth though, and then check out the actual cowboy bars.”

Runway hero:
“I have been going to the Ralph Lauren show for the past few seasons. I feel so privileged being there because he is everything to me. Being from a long line of Texans, I love the way that he incorporates Southwestern culture into his vision. It’s so emotional when he comes to take his bow with his family all there. I’ve cried twice.”

Best bijoux:
“I just got a pair of Lanvin earrings and necklace in Paris — a beautiful Byzantine design. I never wear jewelry but since I got them, I’ve worn them every day, so maybe they were the thing that was missing from my life.”

New Year news:
“At the start of 2014, I’m announcing a brand new project that I’m very excited about, but it’s going to be under wraps for a while. I’m really looking forward to wrapping up the holiday season because that’s the busiest time of year for me and last month was crazy with work. I need two weeks vacation right about now.”

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