Inside Laura and Vanessa Marano’s Closets

For Laura and Vanessa Marano, having starring roles on TV means double the fun and twice the closet space.

The stars of Disney’s “Austin & Ally” and ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth,” respectively, rock a variety of name brands on set, such as Betsey Johnson and All Saints — and share shoes at home, too. And in between takes, both girls turn to their personal collections of Ugg Australia boots.

“I’m a girl who loves shoes,” said younger sister Laura Marano, whose TV series about a musical duo is currently in its second season. “There is nothing like the feeling of trying on shoes at the store and they fit perfectly.”

“Switched at Birth,” a drama about two teen girls who discover their mix-up, is also airing its second season, and Vanessa Marano hinted that a memorable shoe scene is ahead. “This season, I have quite the Valentine’s Day getup. The shoes are platform wedge gray booties,” she said.

These days, the sisters are busy filming the third season of each show in their native Los Angeles. But they took a little time out to discuss their favorite footnotes with Footwear News.

Laura Marano (plays Ally Dawson on “Austin & Ally”)
Age: 17
Hometown: Los Angeles
Pairs owned: 20
Favorite brands: Converse, Stuart Weitzman, Toms Shoes, Ugg Australia and Vera Wang. “I’m kind of obsessed with wedges, but I go to a regular high school, so I’m not going to be wearing Vera Wang there.”
Personal style: “I definitely look for comfort. It’s possible to look really cute and still be comfortable. You don’t have to kill your feet to have a fashionable look.”
Organizational strategy: “I have a whole area in my closet for displaying shoes. They are in rows. But nobody comes in my closet, so they are only on display for me. It’s pretty spectacular.”
Brands on set: “They buy a lot from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. There are a few Betsey Johnson [styles] and a lot of wedges.”
Best weekend footwear: “I have Toms wrap-up red boots, and I also enjoy my Converse. I have a purple pair of laceless Converse, and they are feminine and super-girly.”
Ultimate pair for a night out: Cork wedges by Via Spiga. “They are super-cute, and I can wear them with anything — a cute skirt or skinny jeans.”
Workout pair:
“I have some good Nikes. They really ‘just do it.’ They are comfortable for working out and running.”
Most recent find: “While I was in London, I brought back Aldo black heels with spikes on the back and a zipper on the side. They are so cool.”
Sister swap: “It depends on the shoes, but sometimes we can wear the same size. She does have adorable [footwear].”
Oldest pair: Ugg boots. “I used to wear them all the time, and they were cute. Now they just look ridiculously old. I wear them around the house. I’m attached to them.”
How does your personal style compare with your character’s?
“They are pretty similar. Ally doesn’t wear too many boots, so I definitely wear more boots. Ally also wears a lot of bright colors, which I love.”

Vanessa Marano (plays Bay Kennish on “Switched at Birth”)
Age: 20
Hometown: Los Angeles
Pairs owned: More than 30
Favorite brands: “YSL, Miz Mooz, Jimmy Choo and Ugg.”
Personal style: “I love heels and boots. I’m a boots girl. And usually I’m in three-quarter-sleeve shirts and jeans [to pair with the shoes]. I also wear a lot of black.”
Brands on set: All Saints, Free People and Anthropologie. “Needless to say, I borrow from the set all the time. We have a great wardrobe department.”
Favorite red-carpet look: “A fitted dress and heels. You can’t go wrong there.”
Weekend style: “A skirt with tights and boots often get thrown on.”
Workout pair: Under Armour sneakers. “They have great [style], which is nice because I usually look like hell when I work out.”
Most comfortable pair: Ugg. “I have five pairs.”
Best bargain: “Miz Mooz is already very reasonably priced, but I lucked out with buying two pairs of boots on sale. They were half off, so basically two boots for the price of one.”
Oldest pair: Black Uggs. “It may be time for new ones. It’s been a while.”
Last pair purchased: “Christian Louboutin boots.”
Favorite store: Nordstrom. “I’m a sucker for the shoe department.”
How does your personal style compare with your character’s? “Bay is a bit more adventurous than I am and wears tighter clothes. You try putting a radio mic under skinny jeans and it’s not fun.”
Biggest footwear regret? “I was shooting a show in New Mexico and found an adorable pair of peep-toe bootie heels. They were Dollhouse and very inexpensive … probably because they’re bright orange. I thought, ‘No problem. It’ll force me to add more color to my wardrobe.’ Needless to say, that didn’t happen.”

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