In Person: Sonny Shar on His Mentors

Sonny Shar leads by example but has picked up a few tricks from others during his 50-year career. Here, the executive reflects on the five people who shaped him the most.

Bob Campbell
Chairman & CEO, BBC International

“I really admire Bob. He showed how you could go from a humble start to becoming the king of kids. He taught me how to be really good at what you do and reinforced the idea of giving to charity.”

Diane Sullivan
President & CEO, Brown Shoe Co.

“With her acumen and vision, she proves how women can have success in the world of business. I have tremendous respect for her, besides the fact that she’s a good person.”

Jack & Annie Shar

“My mom and dad set a really good example for me growing up. They taught me to have respect for people and the value of giving to charity, not just in terms of money but also in being generous with my time. It’s important to recognize the needs of others.”

Stephen Rubin
Chairman, Pentland Group Plc

“He has been the No. 1 influence in my career, from his whole business philosophy all the way through to his demeanor.”

Tony Hsieh

“He is an ultimate visionary. After visiting his office, I saw how happy his personnel really are. He taught me the importance of living the ‘be happy while you work’ credo.”

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