In Person: Pentland Leaders Weigh In

The Pentland executive team weighs in on the Sonny factor.

Stephen Rubin
Chairman, Pentland Group Plc

“I first met Sonny when he was representing a company that wanted us to offer them trading finance. We [developed] a mutual trust and he joined us 25 years ago, and we’ve had a great relationship ever since. The fact that he gets on with everybody has been one of his greatest attributes. He has headed up Pentland USA for many years now and enabled us to expand several of our brands. He also has been responsible for creating an aura of confidence and trust in all [our company’s] relationships. We are very careful as to how we operate, and Sonny is a prime example of someone who does things the ‘Pentland way.’”

Andy Rubin
CEO, Pentland Group Plc

“Sonny is passionate about our industry, our customers and our people. He builds long-term relationships and makes things happen. He has led our U.S. business for many years and has huge knowledge of the U.S. retail industry and is always in touch with the movers and shakers. His biggest contribution to Pentland is to have built a strong platform for us to continue to grow our business in the U.S. We have the people, relationships and infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities for our brands. And his contribution to the industry is evident every time he’s at a trade show — amazing energy and passion.”

Carrie Rubin
President, Pentland USA

“Sonny knows what he knows well. Five minutes with him reveals just how professional he is. I would challenge any newbie to our world to walk the corridors of where we exhibit, and that’s when you see just how much Sonny brings to the business. His capacity in client care is phenomenal. He also understands the retail sectors we operate in. His skill set within Pentland has identified winners, and his knowledge [about] increasing our footfall has made a strategic difference to Pentland USA in terms of its growth and success. Sonny really has won his stripes and proved to be a great Pentland advocate and champion. And he also has been a great guide to me. There have been many times when I have leaned on him for advice. Sonny has been both a great mentor and friend.”

Andy Simister
Global president, Lacoste Footwear

“Sonny has given so much to the industry. His greatest contribution to Lacoste Footwear, for which Pentland has owned the global license since 1991, has been his involvement and experience, particularly in the early launch years, supporting the team and helping us build the U.S. business into a standalone distribution subsidiary. I don’t know anyone who has his energy and enthusiasm for the industry. He is a standout guy who just wants to succeed and help others do the same. On top of this, I can tell you, some of the best and funniest stories I have heard have had Sonny at the core.”

Dave Grange
President of North America, Lacoste Footwear

“I moved to the U.S. from our London headquarters seven years ago and met Sonny straight away. He was a huge support for me both in terms of the business and also settling into the U.S. footwear industry. We have forged a strong working relationship over the years and become good friends. He has such a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to give advice and discuss what’s happening within the Lacoste brand and the wider business. I often [seek] his perspective and viewpoint, which I find invaluable.”

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