In Person: Bob Campbell on Deck

Bob Campbell claims he doesn’t need vacations to stay energized and on top of his game. “I don’t really need to be recharged; I’m always charged,” he said. “I know what I’m doing the next day and the next week. I’m a planned person. I’m very organized. I frame my days. I chart my business and I chart myself.” Still, the BBC International chairman and CEO knows how to enjoy himself away from the office, whether it’s golfing, boating, traveling or spending time with his family. But these days, his favorite activity is taking out his 86-foot Riva Domino yacht. “It gives me the luxury to be free and challenge the waters, enjoy the good weather, and you see things differently [out there],” he said. “You see things more openly [out on the water]. You don’t think about the pressures of life so much. It seems like my life is based on boating and travel and spending time with my new grandchild. I love it.”

BEST GROUP Photo by Angelo Lanza Sponsored By ITA

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