Hsieh Speaks Out on Kanye Drama

A $100,000 “Sh-t Product” plunger on Zappos.com generated enormous media buzz last week.


The tongue-in-cheek item was a direct response to Kanye West’s on-air trashing of his October visit to meet Zappos chief Tony Hsieh and get an inside look at downtown Las Vegas.


On a podcast after the tour, West complained about the website’s product selection and stated that he and Hsieh got into an argument over his focus: music vs. fashion.


Hsieh told Spy it was a misunderstanding. “He had a million ideas and all I did was ask him what he was going to focus on first,” Hsieh said. “I think he misunderstood my question.”


Meanwhile, a Las Vegas insider said that West did go so far as to interrupt a presentation Hsieh was making on The Downtown Project.


Still, Hsieh managed to stay above the fray. “I admire Kanye for always being on brand,” he said. Sounds like the rapper certainly stirred the Sin City pot — as of press time, the Yeezy-inspired product had more than 100 reviews on Zappos.

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