FN Spy: Karl Lagerfeld’s Brazilian Feat

Karl Lagerfeld is feeling the South American vibe.

The iconic designer, who recently fêted the launch of the four-season Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld collection at the shoe label’s Manhattan flagship, infused elements of the São Paulo-based company’s culture into the mix, according to U.S. CEO Michele Levy.

“He really wanted to honor Brazil, so for the shoes he chose some of the colors that are in our flag — blue, green and white,” she told Spy. “He put glitter on some of the styles [to convey] the sense of happiness that exists in Brazilian culture. At the same time, they are very Karl, especially the pointy-toe ballerina. It’s very sophisticated and very unique.”

Levy added that the collaboration was “a dream come true” for Melissa. “Different designers push us to the limit, to things we never thought of before,” she said. “We love to be challenged.”

While Levy declined to reveal the label’s next big collaborator, she admitted that Lagerfeld is a hard act to follow. When asked how you top that combo, she replied, “You don’t.”

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