FN Spy: Hot Reads from Weitzman & Zanotti

Page Turner
Mrs. Stuart Weitzman is coming to bookstores this fall. The footwear designer’s wife, Jane, who retired last year, has put together a coffee-table book titled “Art & Sole,” featuring many of the art-inspired store windows she commissioned and designed for the Weitzman label. And for his part, Stuart Weitzman couldn’t be prouder. “I look at these pictures and think we really did some amazing windows. No one did windows like this,” he said. “They were done in an artistic way. It wasn’t expensive, but it was so original.” But even retired life doesn’t allow for much travel. “Since Stuart hasn’t retired and is working as hard as ever, I’m dedicating most of my time to this book,” said Jane Weitzman. “But we do have plans to meet in Madrid this fall.”

Down Time
Giuseppe Zanotti has a major project on his hands this summer. “I am beginning to finally organize and archive nearly 20 years of my work,” said the designer. But Zanotti makes time for more leisurely activities, too. “I enjoy reading as much as possible,” he said. “Currently, I am reading ‘Osho’s Diary’ for the fifth time.” He’s also a film buff and prefers the classic black-and-white flicks. “I see more color in them than the modern films,” he said.

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